Friday, 28 September 2012

Monday, 17 September 2012

Bawal Pelangi Kasih


Oleh kerana lama tak update, Kali ini Iszam Design akan update dua Jenis tudung iaitu tudung bawal pelangi kasih dan shawl lapis yg hot tu..Suka tak..!!!

Ok Bawal Pelangi Kasih nij baru taw kat pasaran
Lagipun satuan kaler yg sgt cantik dan pastinya banyak baju boleh di padankan..

Harga : RM19 (tidak termasuk postage taw)

Kalau suka jgn malu2 isi order form kat bawah sekali ni..kami juga terima belian secara borong taw =)

Kod : BP01
Status : Sold Out

Kod : BP02
Status : Sold Out

Kod : BP03
Status : Sold Out

 Kod : BP04
Status : Sold Out

 Kod : BP05
Status : Sold Out


 Kod : BP06
Status : Sold Out

Kod : BP07

Status : Stock Out

Shawl Lapis

Assalamualaikum semua....

Kini Iszam Design telah restock shawl lapis yg hot tu..
Tapi kali ini harganya lebih murah tapi kualiti tetap sama.

Harga : RM19 Sahaja  (tidak termasuk postage)


Order Form ade kat bawah sekali taw.. =)

Kod : Lapis Hijau
Status : Sold Out

Kod : Lapis Biru Gelap
Status : Sold Out

Kod : Lapis Turqoiuse
Status : Sold Out

Kod : Lapis Ungu
Status : Sold out

Kod : Lapis Merah
Status : Sold Out

Kod : Lapis Mustard
Status : Sold out

Kod : Lapis Pink
Status : Sold Out

Kod : Lapis Kelabu
Status : Sold Out

 Kod : Lapis Hitam
Status : Sold out

 Ps: Kami juga menerima belian secara borong..

Friday, 14 September 2012

Event konvo

Kami akan berada di Universiti Islam Antarabangsa di Gombak pada Sabtu 15th September 2012.
Seperti biasa terdapat jenis tudung, handbag, baju muslimah terdapat disana.. jom raikannya..
Dear value customers, hopefully you are understood of Term & Conditions before ordering any favorite item(s):

1. Our concept is First Come First Serve basis.

2. Only serious buyers, NO BACK-OUTS or Exchange after invoice has been sent to you.

3. Buying is at your own risk

4. Our products are 100% new, Gred A and condition.

5. Items sold are not refundable & ex-changeable

6. Postage charges for Peninsular Malaysia:
* RM6 = First 500g
* RM3 = 2nd 250g

Charges for Sabah/Sarawak
* RM9 = First 500g
* RM4 = 2nd 250g

Step 1:
Select any favorite item(s) based on available

Step 2:
Kindly fill up the Order Form at the bottom of this blog

Step 3:
We will send you an invoice within 24hours after we have notify receiving your order.

Step 4:
Please make a payment to our MAYBANK or CIMB account within 48hours. If any cancel order or silent respond from you, your order will be released immediately.

Step 5:
Please attach all the payment details:-
a. reference number
b. which bank?
c. time and date payment
d. amount payment

**all the item(s) will be sent out within 7days
Email Address:
Contact Number:
Please list your choice (Code Only):
Pay Within:
Payment Method:
Postal Address: