Sunday, 11 November 2012


Salam semua..
Hari ini kami akn update tudung yg sgt mudah digayakan dengan baju plan / casual.
Material tudung express ini dari cotton lycra yg sejuk, dan yg pasti tidak perlu di gosok..
sesuai utk kemana saja..ada 10  corak semuanya

Jika diperhatikan jahitan lilit kami berbeza iaitu jahitan yg dinamakan jahitan terbalik..tapi cantik kan..
Harga kami sgt murah berbanding diluar ya..saiz standard ialah M

RM30 exclude postage


code: AWP 01
Status: Sold Out

code: AWP 02
Status: Sold Out

code: AWP 03
Status: Sold Out

code: AWP 04
Status: Sold Out

code: AWP 05
Status: Sold Out

code: AWP 06
Status: Sold Out

code: AWP 07
Status: Sold Out

code: AWP 08
Status: Sold Out

code: AWP 09
Status: Sold Out

code: AWP 10
Status: Sold Out

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